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Team Build: 6 Knights Discussion

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With the introduction of free rerolls on loss and the reduction of HP loss in the early game, it is much easier than ever before to force luck to give you the units you want. As such, 6 Unit Alliances are exceptionally strong, and 6 Knights is a prime candidate for the title of best Team Composition this patch. 

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Flexible due to having access to three viable variants to complement the Knight core

  • Simple to build and to position on your board

  • Strong damage sustain and raw physical power


  • Contested build makes it worse the more people run it

Economy Tips

As mentioned in the introduction, this strategy is reliant on the new early game dynamics involving free rerolls and safer loss streaks due to losing less HP in the first 10 rounds. The plan is pretty simple albeit unintuitive at first, we want to purposefully lose every player round until Round 12. This lets us benefit from 8 free rerolls, as well as a full loss streak, greatly improving our economy and giving us access to a lot of 2 Stars heroes. 

Only spend gold to buy core units you find offered to you until you cross over 50 Gold. Starting from Round 13 you should have the strongest board due to having very synergistic 2 Stars units, from that point on you, want to only spend on leveling to reach Level 8 around Round 20, after that, reroll to find your first 3 Stars or to complete your secondary Alliances.

Early Game

Early game it doesn’t matter much what we deploy on board, try to mitigate taken damage by killing off a few enemy heroes, but keep in mind we are looking to lose every round. Since loss streaks award players gold and a free reroll, interrupting that loss streak early by winning a round will result in a weaker board later on when the HP loss is greater. This is because the immediate gain in team strength from winning early rounds is lesser than completing your loss streak and amassing free rerolls. Do not forget to deploy your best units for Round 10 to secure a better item, then intentionally nerf your board to keep the loss streak going.

Heroes to build towards

Batrider  Chaos Knight Luna Abaddon Omniknight

Batrider Witch Doctor

Mid Game

Round 13 onwards is where our strategy takes a drastic turn. If all went well you should have over 40 gold, around 40 to 60HP and at least 4 Knights, including some 2 Star heroes. This makes you one of the strongest players at this phase of the game. Deploy your army in full force and aim to win streak, stay conservative with your gold and only spend to level up and buy units. During the mid game, you should always be 1 Level ahead of most of your enemies, only tied with the big winstreakers. 

Once you reach Level 8, it’s finally time to reroll! Stay aware of the interest thresholds however, you do not want to fall behind later on. Keep a strong board, amass 2 Star heroes and begin considering replacing Drow Ranger with Necrophos if the former is not 3 Star or close to it. Also, keep an eye out for Dragon Knight to benefit from the 6 Knights bonus.

The Core of your team

Batrider  Chaos Knight Luna Abaddon Omniknight Dragon Knight

Complete with one of these pairs

Anti Mage Terrorblade

Batrider Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor Necrophos

Late Game

At this point, you should have a strong 6 Knights core, rounded out nicely with Heartless, Troll, and maybe even Warlock or Demon Hunter bonuses. You should be in the middle of making a comeback on the leaderboard and establishing late game dominance. Your goal at this point is to start getting 3 Star Knights, when you get your 2 Star Dragon Knight, focus your spending towards leveling up to 9 instead. Your 9th unit should always be a Viper to give your 2 Star Dragon Knight his dragon form and access to splash damage, your biggest power spike and now the MVP of your team. 

If you happen to find Troll Warlord Necrophos, you can consider replacing your non-Knight Troll or Heartless with them, Troll Warlord helps in spreading your damage output across more units, and Necrophos is a good tech-in against 6 Elusives, one of your biggest counters.

The Core of your team

Batrider  Chaos Knight Luna Abaddon Omniknight Dragon Knight

Complete with one of these pairs

Anti Mage Terrorblade

Batrider Troll Warlord

Witch Doctor Necrophos

9th unit to complete Dragon Alliance


Obviously, we can't 3 Star everyone, you'll have to make choices!

Key Items


Chainmail is the best Tier 1 item we can get, Armor being the best EHP upgrade, pairing it with the Knight bonus makes your units extremely durable. Read about the hidden power of Chainmail here.

Helm of the Undying

Helm of the Undying is ideal for Knights, making your Abaddon, Omniknight or Chaos Knight able to get their strong spells off on the brink of death, allowing your Luna or Dragon Knight to tear through your opponents.

Mask of Madness

Mask of Madness is Luna’s favorite. As Lunar Glaives don’t get disabled by it, she turns into a powerhouse with the added Attack Speed and Lifesteal, turning her from a frail damage dealer to an extremely durable carry. Also an excellent choice for Drow Ranger and Troll Warlord.


Our strongest counter, other than a better 6 Knights lineup, is the 6 Elusives composition. Their high evasion rate makes them more durable than us, slows down our mana generation, and allows their Terrorblade to get more hits in, ultimately being our downfall. 

However, not all hope is lost, if you notice a threatening 6 Elusives player early on, consider transitioning into 4 Knights and 3 Mages, the added magical damage from heroes like Lich or Keeper of the Light allows us to beat them early before they win the war of attrition. Be wary of their Assassins, however! 

If you are too committed to 6 Knights to transition, your best options are to improve your positioning by splitting up your units the most you can to minimize their AoE, or to find a way to focus down their Terrorblade, maybe with a Dagon on Viper or a Scythe of Vyse bait. 

The best way to defeat an enemy is to know your enemy, check out our 6 Elusives team guide here to learn about all of its intricacies here.

Board Positioning

Warlock Build

Warlock Positioning

Even though spreading our units is the best way to minimize damage intake, we try to keep our core units in Necrophos' healing range.

Raw Power Build

Raw Power Positioning

This very defensive positioning abuses Drow Ranger's aura to give us a backline powerhouse in the form of Troll Warlord, Luna and Dragon Knight.

Demon Hunter Build

Demon Hunter Positioning

This positioning aims to spread our powerhouses away from each other as much as possible while still giving the frail heroes protection and maintaining the Knight bonus.

All of the preceding pictures are clickable and will bring you to these compositions in our Team Builder!

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Team Build: 6 Knights Discussion

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