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Team Build: 6 Elusives Discussion

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The dominance of Knights, Primordials, and Brawny compositions in the current meta means there is an opportunity to find an uncontested build that can counter their defensive qualities while quickly bypassing their powerful frontlines to remove their support. Elusive’s evasion ability is highly effective at mitigating their damage while the natural pairing of this build with Assassins and Demon Hunters allows this composition the ability to quickly neutralize their support.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Efficient frontline that uses evasion, healing, and summons from your high-star Druids to protect the rest of your team

  • Lethal Assassins that bypass enemy frontlines and quickly destroy enemy support

  • Powerful mid-range support from Luna and Terrorblade that scales well with items and will likely top the damage charts for every match

  • Quick to come online due to being an 8 unit composition


  • Squishy heroes that depend greatly on evasion to survive are easy targets for Magic backlines

  • Limited variants to this composition make it easy to identify and potentially counter

Economy Tips

Utilize the overall economic strategy of focusing on free re-rolls gained from losing fights early to save and increase your odds of leveling up key heroes. Lose intentionally in the first 12 rounds to maximize your early re-roll potential and build a strong loss streak economy while also taking advantage of the reduced HP loss at that time.

Freely buy key units as you see them but otherwise do your best to save your way to 50 gold quickly. Once that threshold is reached, alternate between leveling to fit more heroes on board and rerolling to strengthen your army.

Early Game

In the early game buy all the 1 Star units you believe you can convert into 2 Stars quickly while stockpiling the key heroes needed for the final build. Check the leaderboard and decide how best to deploy a board you think has a good chance of losing but can still take a couple of units with it to minimize HP loss. However, always er on the side of caution and protect your loss streak early at all costs to preserve the bonus gold you receive and continue to receive those free rerolls. 

Heroes to build towards

Anti Mage Nature's Prophet Treant Protector Phantom Assassin Slark Terrorblade

Pick one of those two

Luna Windranger

Luna is our preferred pick as she scales better into the late game, but she's also more contested due to the popularity of Knight builds, if you see Knight players in your game, focus on Windranger instead.

Mid Game

After round 13 or so you should begin to replace the early units like Enchantress or Batrider with your mid-game assassins to bring that piece of your build online while also activating the ‘Elusive’ buff. The priority here will be the ‘Elusive buff’ but don’t force it just yet since losing will become more painful here and putting in our highest level units will ensure we stop the bleeding from our earlier loss streak. 

You should be living off interest at this point and spending money on re-rolls and leveling while preserving your interest. Only force levels when you have a unit worth playing that is either going to complete a key alliance or is high enough level to help you win games. If that’s not the case continue to reroll as the ideal probability matrix for the heroes we want is around levels 6, 7, and 8. 

The Core of your team

Anti Mage Luna Nature's Prophet Treant Protector

Phantom Assassin Slark Terrorblade Templar Assassin

The case for Mirana


If you happen to be falling behind in Luna or Windranger copies, consider replacing them with a Mirana. Her arrow is a strong tool in your already very board-disruptive strategy and can be key due to your lack of crowd control.

Late Game

One of the key strengths of this build is that it can come fully online early so generally speaking, you will have your complete 8 man roster before the late game hits. This means while other players are tanking their economy to push into level 9 we are happy to reroll our interest and get as many three stars on the table. Focus first on completing your Druid pair due to only needing to 3 Star one to enjoy from both, then move on to your damage dealers at leisure, Terrorblade, Luna, and the Assassin trio are all perfect picks.

You should only push the 9th unit online to activate the Scaled synergy with a Medusa or Tidehunter to protect yourself against Mages, but more on that in the Counter section below. 

The Core of your team

Anti Mage Luna Nature's Prophet Treant Protector

Phantom Assassin Slark Terrorblade Templar Assassin

9th unit against Mages


Key Items

Gloves of Haste Mask of Madness Moon Shard

Attack Speed Items are extremely valuable in this strategy and will generally benefit us more than any sort of HP, Armor or Damage item, this is due to heroes like Templar Assassin or Terrorblade attaining new heights when boosted by Attack Speed. Heroes with no active spells like Luna, Phantom Assassin, or Slark are amazing Mask of Madness carriers and can single handedly win you the game.

Hood of Defiance Pipe of Insight

Hood of Defiance is actually preferred over the ever so popular Chainmail in this build.The Magic Resistance can be especially handy in keeping our units alive against our biggest counter, Mages. In the same train of logic, Pipe of Insight can be an amazing late game item, allowing your whole frontline to live through magical burst.

Blink Dagger Helm of the Undying

Blink Dagger and Helm of the Undying are both amazing items for Terrorblade. The former allows him to get in a favorable position early to mid game and quickly reach Metamorphosis, while the latter is more suited for late game where 4 extra seconds of a 3 Star Terrorblade dishing out huge attacks can turn a whole fight in your favor.


This build is most easily countered with traditional Mage builds or when top meta builds adapt and add magic damage dealers to their backline in order to bypass our ability to mitigate damage through evasion. Our response to this must be to online a 9th unit in the late game that gives us our second scaled buff with Slark. Generally speaking, we would prefer a Medusa due to her relative cheapness and the ability to use Split Shot effectively to kill backliners through persistent frontlines or summon spam, such as the Primordial build and their army of Eidolons, but a 2 Star Tidehunter can also be considered to add a little X-Factor to your frontline with a strong crowd control in the form of Ravage. Adding either of these two not only improves our fighting capabilities but provides our team with the necessary Magic Resistance to thrive against Mages.

On top of this, while other compositions are looking to stack Chainmail early this composition should really be keeping an eye out for the Hood of Defiance. While it may be difficult to play these on your backline assassins due to the wealth of mid and late-game items that make them too powerful to ignore this item can give your frontliners the ability to survive the initial burst from Mage lineups and allows your cores to remain protected.

Board Positioning

Board Placement

This positioning focuses on splitting our cores from eachother to make sure at least one of them stay alive no matter what. Keep in mind Terrorblade and Medusa do not benefit from the Elusive bonus so be very cautious with them!

Click on that picture to be taken directly to our Team Builder and experiment for yourself!

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Team Build: 6 Elusives Discussion

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