Intro to Team Building

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Team Building in Dota Underlords is one of the core aspects of the game, and while it is easy to learn, it is also hard to master. In this guide we will learn about the dynamics of how higher level players build their teams and get consistently good placements with them. 

Generally, teams are composed of two primary alliances, one that soaks up damage in the front lines, and one that dishes it out from the back lines. They do not have to be equal in size, and it is a good thing to build into other alliances, as long as you don’t try to make your team go all over the place.

However is important to note that due to the game’s constantly evolving metagame, which alliances fit each role will changer over time.

Frontline Alliances

Because of the early game’s dynamics being slow and drawn out fights, you will most of the time want to build a strong front line before expanding to your back line alliance. Frontliners usually have above average HP pools, a defensive alliance bonus, and a crowd control spell. For example, Tiny is a strong early game warrior, boasting good HP, an armor bonus if paired with two other Warriors, and the Toss spell, that stuns and deals damage to the enemy’s furthest away heroes. We can also look at a Druid, Treant Protector, and his Leech Seed spell, draining HP from an enemy to heal your most damaged unit over time, often being a game changer in earlier fights. 

It is important to focus on 1 or 2 gold heroes to first build your army, and getting them to 2 Stars, you can then later on sell these heroes for stronger and more expensive ones at no or little gold loss.

Damage Alliances

Starting from around Round 15 to 20 depending on how advanced your first alliance already is, you will want to start building your back lines. These heroes are usually more frail but have strong burst damage, requiring them the front lines we already built to perform at their full potential. Heroes that fit that description usually have strong attacking stats, an amazing spell, or both, they tend to cost 3 or 4 gold and some can be powerhouses even at 1 Star. Let’s take a look at Sniper, a Hunter that is famous for having one of the highest attack damage in the game, as well as the dreaded Assassinate spell, that will one hit kill most heroes if Sniper has the opportunity to fire. Another example can be the powerful Razor, a Mage that unleashes a large shockwave able to severely damage several heroes at once, making him reach very high DPS very quickly.

Your powerful back liners can be further enhanced with the right item choice, here is our Items Guide that will get you familiar with what items do and how to choose and equip them properly for maximal rentability.

Intro to Team Building

Quality vs Quantity

Due to the last two level ups costing a lot of experience and coming into play late into the game, you should think of your ideal army as a roster of 8 or 9 heroes only. From Round 25 onwards, you will have to ask yourself about whether to level up to fit another unit on the board, potentially completing or improving an alliance or giving you a much needed spell, or reroll the shop in hopes of improving your current army. Keep in mind that some heroes have immediate impact at 1 Star, such as Doom or Tidehunter, with their powerful lockdown spells, and some heroes are greatly improved at 2 Stars or even 3 Stars, like Shadow Fiend who gets much needed HP, or Kunkka benefitting from an increased Ghost Ship radius at 3 Stars.

It is important to analyse what you need to overcome your lose streak or preserve your win streak short term and play accordingly, don’t be afraid to break interest when looking for upgrades, your 50+ gold is useless if you’re eliminated before using it.

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